Preseason Start-up


1)  Track and Field Sign-up 2017.
 Sign-up Input Form must be logged into your Brown Deer School's Student Account

2)  Pink Slip are obtained from Athletic Office by the BD Fieldhouse and turned into Coach Green by Friday March  5, 2016.
A.  Preseason Check List (Preparation)
B.  Athletic Forms (Printable)

3)  Get active daily before the season starts the earlier the better.
A.  Running, Biking, Cross-Country Skiing, Swimming, Basketball,  Snow-shoeing , Cheer & Stunt.
B.  Raise your heart rate to a range of 120 - 130 for 10 to 20        minute spurts, recover (under 90) & repeat.
C.  Find the weight room, room with equipment by north commons and get x lifts in.  (Bench, Parallel Squat, and Clean Weekly.)

        1)    Running Shoes used for Training
                     Rodiez's Running Store, West Allis WI  
                     Eastbay Men's & Women's Running Shoes, Internet                      Based  
                     Dick Pond Athletics (Internet Clearance based                              company)
        2)    T-Shirt, Shorts, & Socks
        3)    Fitness Tights, please choose the color of black                              for competition.
        4)    Cotton or Nylon (Hoods are great) Sweats, Sweats on                      ALWAYS!
               (70 Degree Rule, you must be ready to go outside daily!!)
        5)    LOCKS,  all personal items must be locked at all times!
                    Need a lock for a locker, please see a coach)
        6)    Water Bottle for hydration.  

Start thinking about shoes needed for a Track and Field Meet, not urgent & we will help you ID your needs in the near future.  There is a specialty shoe for every event, be smart. For example you can use your sprint shoes for jumping.  Any questions that you may have, please ask one of the coaches.