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The Track Sack Items

So What to Pack in a Track Sack for the upcoming Meet!  Top Three are mandatory for ALL Meets that you wish to attend.*

 1.   Falcon's Uniform*It is vitally important that you have your uniform on at all times while at Track and Field Meets. While traveling with the team we are in uniform at all times.
 2.   Brown Deer Warm-ups*It is a rule of thumb that you are in our Nylon Warm-up (tops and bottoms) at All times when we are at meets.  We will advise you of exceptions to this rule when weather conditions change our wear! 
 3.   Trainers & Spikes*If you are someone who wears spikes for your races, it is important that you bring your spikes.  You can run races in any Running Shoes, but if you preform your best wearing your lucky spikes, don't forget them.  It is also important that you remember to listen to Coach Green before each meet to be sure that your spikes (or any spikes at all) are allowed on the track.  Never forget your trainers or daily running shoes.  
 4.  Under-Garments Undergarments are to be BLACK in color and must be WIAA approved.  Logo less the 1" and the stitching must be black also.  Other colors are not permitted.  Undergarments included tights, shirts, and sport-bras.   
 5.  BD Shorts & T-Shirts   You may wear shorts and shirts in your layering and in the event that it is HOT.  These shorts and shirts must be school colors and representing our school.  Other colors, team apparel, and logos are not permitted.  When in doubt get approval from a coach.
 6.  BD Cotton SweatsYou may wear sweat shirts, pants and hoodies in your layering.  These sweats must be school colors and representing our school.  Other colors, team apparel, and logos are not permitted.  When in doubt get approval from a coach. 
 7.  BD Letterman's Jacket Track meets can be mighty chilly.  When we have meets that are near Lake Michigan, that wind can switch off the lake at any second, and that wind is mighty cold.  It is not uncommon to have the temperature complete a 20 degree swing during a meet.  Meets can also go late, and when the sun sets, the temperature drops.  Having a warm BD Letterman's Jacket will keep you comfortable.
 8.  Extra Socks No one likes that squishy feeling you get when your socks are wet.  If it rains, having extra pairs of socks can help you keep your feet warm, stay comfortable, and avoid that squishy feeling.
 9.  Rain PonchoRain is a big part of spring in Wisconsin, and track meets are run rain or shine, so it is best to be prepared.  One rain poncho, or a garbage back you can poke holes in, can make your meet a lot more enjoyable.  It is hard to be happy, or preform at your best, when you are cold and wet.  Bring a rain poncho to maximize your performance, bring two rain ponchos and make a new friend.
10.  Hat & Gloves                    Again be prepared for the cold. Athletes loose a lot of body heat through their heads. This heat needs to be replaced by their bodies and their bodies need to use energy to replace that heat.  Keep energy where you need it (PERFORMING) and wear a hat!
11.  Water BottlesHydrate Hydrate Hydrate! It is really important to drink lots of fluids.  Bring a water bottle or a bottle of your favorite sports drink.  Make it two!
12.  FoodTrack meets can be long, and there is no guarantee that there will be a concession stand available at the meet, so it is important for you to bring some food to the meet to keep your energy level up.  When you are looking for foods to bring you want the foods to be light, so granola and sandwiches work GREAT!  Fruits and vegetables also leave you a great opportunity to find electrolytes that you have lost throughout the meet and replace sugars that you used.
13.  Sun Block If you are someone who burns easily, you want to have some sun block.  A sun burn sucks energy out of you and makes it difficult to get comfortable.  Avoid the problem by wearing some sun screen.
14.  Money    While money is not required to bring to a track meet, if you are cold nothing is better than a cup of hot chocolate.  If you are exhausted, nothing tastes better then a cool Gatorade.  If you have finished all of your races, some of that concession food can fill you up just right.  Some meets even offer t-shirt opportunities that might intice some athletes. Make sure that you are responsible with your money (keep it hidden keep it safe), but a little cash can go a long way. 
15.  Duffle Bag What else are you going to put everything in?!?  Get a Track Sack!

The coaches hope that this list will help you to be more prepared for your next big track meet.  If you ever don't know what you should pack:
  1. Look at the weather forecast.  Pack a majority of your clothing to match this need, but always pack a little extra in case of rain or cold
  2. Listen in practice.  The coaches will let you know if there is anything special about this meet (stopping for food on the way home, by the lake, etc)
  3. Have a bag with your basics always packed in your room.  This way you can add specialty items that you need and be packed quickly.